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John P. McFadden

"When there isn't much you don't like to do, doing it all seems like the logical choice." This quote sums up why I have embraced the world of voice and screen acting because prior to a diving in, I came from a very rich and varied background-to say the least. This included work in construction, mechanics, aviation, law enforcement, culinary arts, music and sales; coupled with a B.S. in Sociology. All of this experience has enabled me to meet any challenge with innovation and enthusiasm. Lets face it, the best way to gain knowledge about something is to have actually done it!

Honing my career and skills has been helped greatly along the way with advice and guidance from talents such as Jobe Cerny, Abby Ryan, Grace McPhillips, Donovan Weyland and Joanne Sylvestrak in conjunction with taking classes at Act One Studios. It is a fantastic privilege to be involved with something that allows me to create, develop, and contribute to something new and different every time a new project comes my way. This is what makes every new project something to look forward to. I welcome any challenge I'm given!


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